Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trade Looming?: What Could Happen w/Pierre Gauther and The Habs

I know I promised in my previous article that I would write about who the Habs should target for a 3rd liner, however the Habs' needs seem to be a bit bigger than that.

What might happen over the next few days?

Well first of all I think a trade will happen between Today(26th) and next Thursday, its just a hunch I have, and I think Pierre Gauthier is close to a deal.

Habs are desperate for some offense, and they need much more then a rental. The Habs need a player that can contribute immediately, but also can figure into the long term plans, which seems to be the train of thought that Pierre Gauthier is going through.

So quickly who could we be seeing in a new Habs jersey?

Jarome Iginla: Yes, the unthinkable has been rumored throughout the web, and I would be giddy at the thought of getting Iggy. I don't think it needs to be said, just how important Iggy would be to our team, he has been on a declining team for the longest time, without a true #1 center, and the thought of Plekanec, Cammalleri, and Iginla on 1 line would be mind blowing to say the least. He brings Elite level skill, speed, leadership, and a winning pedigree, Iginla is also contracted passed this year which would fit the Habs plans. What would it cost? I've heard somewhere along the lines of Weber, AK46, one of Eller, Leblanc, or another great prospect, and a first. Yes its a tough pill to swallow, but Iginla is one of the best most complete RWs in the game, and he would be a serious deal for the Habs.

RJ Umberger: Size, Skill, two-way ability, I have a feeling though Columbus wouldn't let him go cheap, which might make the Habs think twice about him.

Dustin Penner: A nasty contract, and just as inconsistent as AK, but a change of scenery might spark this enigmatic winger.

Jason Arnott: Big body, Played with Gomez, and Gionta, could spark some offensive chemistry, and I'd imagine as a rental he would be fairly cheap.

One thing is for sure, the next week might hold a lot of excitement, and perhaps surprise, as Pierre Gauthier has expressed how he refuses to deal at the trade deadline. Given that the All Star Break is upon us, it is the perfect opportunity for the Habs GM to make a splash, for both the immediate and distant future.


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