Thursday, January 27, 2011

All Star Game Mock Draft w/ FredPoulin98

I recently collaborated with's own Fred Poulin whom has some really great stuff that you should all check out! Fred's Blog He and I composed a AllStar Game Mock draft, and considering the Draft is tomorrow, we thought it was fitting. Here are the results!
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Crosby, Malkin,Zetterberg, Iginla,Enstrom and Hemsky will not be participating in this year's ASG, for personal reasons, and some nursing injuries.

The Draft is Friday the 28th, at 8PM, The Super Skills will be aired the 29th at 7PM, and the All Star Game Will be the 30th at 4PM.

Until then, Cheers!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trade Looming?: What Could Happen w/Pierre Gauther and The Habs

I know I promised in my previous article that I would write about who the Habs should target for a 3rd liner, however the Habs' needs seem to be a bit bigger than that.

What might happen over the next few days?

Well first of all I think a trade will happen between Today(26th) and next Thursday, its just a hunch I have, and I think Pierre Gauthier is close to a deal.

Habs are desperate for some offense, and they need much more then a rental. The Habs need a player that can contribute immediately, but also can figure into the long term plans, which seems to be the train of thought that Pierre Gauthier is going through.

So quickly who could we be seeing in a new Habs jersey?

Jarome Iginla: Yes, the unthinkable has been rumored throughout the web, and I would be giddy at the thought of getting Iggy. I don't think it needs to be said, just how important Iggy would be to our team, he has been on a declining team for the longest time, without a true #1 center, and the thought of Plekanec, Cammalleri, and Iginla on 1 line would be mind blowing to say the least. He brings Elite level skill, speed, leadership, and a winning pedigree, Iginla is also contracted passed this year which would fit the Habs plans. What would it cost? I've heard somewhere along the lines of Weber, AK46, one of Eller, Leblanc, or another great prospect, and a first. Yes its a tough pill to swallow, but Iginla is one of the best most complete RWs in the game, and he would be a serious deal for the Habs.

RJ Umberger: Size, Skill, two-way ability, I have a feeling though Columbus wouldn't let him go cheap, which might make the Habs think twice about him.

Dustin Penner: A nasty contract, and just as inconsistent as AK, but a change of scenery might spark this enigmatic winger.

Jason Arnott: Big body, Played with Gomez, and Gionta, could spark some offensive chemistry, and I'd imagine as a rental he would be fairly cheap.

One thing is for sure, the next week might hold a lot of excitement, and perhaps surprise, as Pierre Gauthier has expressed how he refuses to deal at the trade deadline. Given that the All Star Break is upon us, it is the perfect opportunity for the Habs GM to make a splash, for both the immediate and distant future.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Trick of the Trade: What would you do?

With the loss of Markov to long-term injury, the Habs are faced with another blow to the roster. General Manager Pierre Gauthier of the Montreal Canadiens made a public announcement that Josh Gorges would undergo season ending surgery on his knee.

The Habs are passed the rebuilding stage, and I believe its safe to say their immediate interest is to win, and solidify a playoff spot, because as they proved last year, anything can happen in the playoffs.

With two key components out of commission, and an invisible Andrei Kostitsyn in the top 6, it seems as though the Habs have two needs that need to be addressed asap.

Need #1: A first line goal scoring winger to compliment Tomas Plekanec
Need #2: A third line winger with grit and scoring capability

While the Habs do have a gaping hole on the blue line left by Markov and Gorges, the acquisition of James Wisniewski has done wonders for the team, and there have been rumblings across twitter, and the interwebs that suggest Pierre Gauthier spoke to the Wiz, and mentioned something along the lines of wanting to sign him long term at one point. While we can debate and speculate that we need another Dman, so far the Habs seem to be doing alright on D for now...

A Top line forward is a glaring need that has been a consistent problem for as long as I can remember. Pierre Gauthier has revealed what kind style of GM he is, and has already expressed his desire to make deals now, as opposed to the Trade Deadline to avoid paying top dollar, and for the new players to bond for a longer period of time with the team. Gauthier has stated that he refuses to overpay, and it is apparent that he has an aggressive style of dealing, he seems to favor young players with great potential, speedy players, players at a low cap hit, and players that can fit in either immediately or in the not so distant future. If I were PG I'd be targeting the following players:

Jakub Voracek, he is a speedy, flashy offensive player, his cap hit is cheap but he would definitely cost the Habs a pretty penny, but would be worth the gamble as Columbus has been rumored to need a shake up, and are willing to move roster players, -except for Rick Nash- to get it done. Gauthier would be wise to target this young fellow as he fits the JM system well, he would bring an intense amount of talent, skills in the defensive zone, and great speed. Jakub Voracek has a legitimate shot at being a force in the NHL, and a first line player in the not so distant future.

Niclas Bergfors, has been having a rough time in the Thrashers system, and a change of scenery would do him wonders. He has plenty of offensive skill, and wouldn't cost nearly as much as Voracek. While Bergfors does have the potential to be a top line player, given his age (23), and progression so far, he is more likely to be a 2nd line skilled player, with potential to have 60-65 point seasons, the Habs need abit more then that, and while he wouldn't cost much, Bergfors might turn into a Benoit Pouliot situation, where people want instant results.

Michael Frolik, has been rumored to be available as Florida continues to prepare for a rebuilding phase. Frolik brings 2 seasons of over 20 goals, a boat load of talent, and pure goal scoring capability. Frolik can set up players, but his true forte is scoring goals, given his cap hit,age, and potential, Frolik is a possible candidate for PG, as he fits the needs, and would not only be an immediate fit into the top 6, but a player the Habs could keep for the future.

Martin Havlat, Havlat has always been an extremely skilled player, and has had success in the NHL before, producing 60-70 points a season when healthy, and some years, had he not fallen to injury would have been on pace for 80+. While he isn't exactly a spring chicken (29 years old), he is still young enough to have a good six to seven years left in him if he can avoid injuries. His cap hit is a bit of a deterrent, and the fact that he has been known to be as fragile as bridge made of toothpicks, could cause teams to think twice before offering a package for him. If Havlat is to leave the wild, -which has been speculated in the last month, with the possible destination being Montreal- his cap hit, and injury proneness would certainly soften the blow of what the asking price would be for such a skilled player. The one glimmer of hope that could be what everyone is looking to is that Marty Havlat has been healthy for the most part for the last three seasons which believe it or not is a personal best. This could be a target worth going for because while Havlat's cap hit is high, it isn't particularly horrendous as he brings speed, skill, a great shot, great pass, and is the former teammate of Tomas Plekanec from the Winter Olympics on team Czech Republic, which could develop into some jaw dropping chemistry, and lets face it, a line of Cammalleri-Plekanec-Havlat isn't half bad.

Those are the names that have been mentioned around the web, twitter, and everywhere else you can think of, they aren't outlandish, and everyone has a price.

I will be back with another piece on need #2: A third line winger with scoring capability.

Until then...What would you do? And just for the fun of it, not to create rumors, but to know your opinions, what would your packages be?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Back from a few months of Chaos

To all my good followers, and friends, and general lovers of my blog, I have splendid news for you all! I'm back, after an unexpected, unannounced, unfortunate (Lots of uns today my gosh) leave of absence for personal reasons, I am back to the Hockey, Blogging, and Twitter world! I look forward to writing my new pieces very soon, and I thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers, and great friendship!

I'll be back with some more Habs Blogs.