Saturday, October 23, 2010

Painfully Passive Power Play

Having only played six games, the Habs are already feeling the stress of a non-functioning Power Play. The past problems of a struggling Power Play continue to linger, and the stress continues to follow as the Habs come up Empty time after time. Hopefully with a little patience, and enough luck to power a small city, the return of Andrei Markov could ignite the Power Play, and hopefully shoot the Habs into contention.  Ironically enough, there was a time where the Habs were not gasping for air on the Power Play, where they were such offensive juggernauts to be reckoned with, that Star Players would take double Penalty Kill shifts just to try and shut them down.

For all the fans who remember the year Alex Kovalev scored 84 points with the Habs, do you also remember just how dangerous and effective the Power Play was? Top in the league for a long while. The shots from the wings, the point and Markov cycling the puck on the back end was enough to sky rocket the Habs' Power Play to first in the NHL.  What do we need to get back to that position? Well For one we need Andrei Markov back on our Power Play, his value is extremely under estimated by many, and is arguably one of the best Power Play Quarter backs in the league, as well as a top defender. Markov's influence on the Power Play brings some confidence, patience, smart plays, and I believe to an extent fear. I believe that Markov is an intimidating force on the Power Play, and that he brings that X-Factor every team craves. We also need that ridiculous point shot to compliment our quarterback, we need an identity on the power play.

How can we create this identity you may ask? Well like all fans, when I see the Habs Power Play, and I see that it is clear everyone is trying to Tee up Cammalleri, I shout "NO, HE DOESN'T HAVE A CLEAR SHOT!" well low and behold he doesn't.The reason why is because our Power Play has become predictable, and its the unpredictable plays that are the most dangerous on a Power Play. A perfect example is when Gorges scored that beauty from the point, no one expected him to let one rip, and he got a lucky bounce, but never the less it was unpredictable and it lead to a goal. That's what the Habs need to get back into. They need weapons at three positions.

The Habs need a Quarter Back, a position that will hopefully be filled properly once Markov is back, and as PK Subban progresses he will learn how to play the Quarter Back, as well as the Point shot. They also need a heavy shot from the point to compliment the QB, and I honestly believe Andrei Kostitsyn would be much more useful at the point next to Subban rather than in front of the net, because lets face it Jacques Martin, Andrei Kostitsyn is no Tomas Holmstrom, never has and never will be, his wrist shot is the equivalent to a slap shot according to his teammates, and it is an asset we could take advantage of.  A power play with Subban- AK46 on the back end is simply mouth watering, and we could have Eller or Pouliot slot in front of the net, because both are quick, and have very soft hands, so if a rebound does come their way they have a good chance to cash it in.  Just for good measure, the final key to a successful powerplay is a sniper on either side of the powerplay waiting at the faceoff circle, just dying to launch a massive cannon towards the net. I know it seems like the Habs try this formula, but in all fairness  PK Subban is currently trying to be the QB and the Point Shot, which is not very effective.  We also lack that heavy shot at the point, Spacek just doesn't seem to have the juice anymore, its almost as if his Slap Shot is only half as good as it used to be, and whether the Habs trade for a point shot, slot Yannick Weber in there, or try the AK46 method, it will prove to be a much more effective way of generating offense, instead of using a war-torn Spacek for a point shot. The Habs have the perfect sniper on the wing to generate the cannon from the wing, however I believe all three keys need to be aligned before we start potting goals in bunches.

While the Habs continue to struggle on the Power Play we can only hope Andrei Kostitsyn gets his shot as Point man, and I think Jacques Martin should familiarize himself with one of the greatest songs ever to be recorded. To quote the very great band ABBA "Take A Chance On Me", Yes JM, take a chance, take a chance, take a chance......

What are your thoughts on the Power Play? Any different strategies you can come up with?

Until next time!

by JHabs

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  1. Seems like most hopes are laying on Markov's shoulders and THAT is too predictable. Habs have this tendency to rely on one or two players every season to save the day and this is also obvious. Kostitsyn did well so far but needs to be pushed further so he just doesnt play "nice" once in a while on the ice: it has to become constant. Then maybe the Power Play will become something other teams wont see coming miles away from the bench...